Area Specific Health

A unit has a max HP. Individual parts of the unit make up some of that HP, however the destruction of all parts of a unit is not required to deplete it’s HP. Attacking the torso, the default attack location reduces the HP from the max HP. Attacking the individual parts will reduce the max HP, but only up to the maximum HP of that part. i.e. destroying an arm with a HP of 25 will only reduce the total HP by 25, even if the attack did more that 25 damage.

A part three states, working, damaged, and destroyed. A part is working when it is above half health. When it drops below half health it is damaged, and when it has no HP left, it is destroyed. Below is the list of parts, and how much HP they should have based off the max HP. Round up to the nearest whole number


Torso: n/a
Leg: 30%
Integrated Weapon: 10%
Head 15%

Yes, I know it adds up to over 100%, that’s on purpose. Look here to find the effects and difficulty of attack individual parts.

Area Specific Health

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