Mobile Suit Upgrades

Upgrade HP (12% total suit cost)

A. Increase HP by 10% and decrease speed by 5% (round down below.5, up if above .5). Minimum speed decrease is 1.
B. (light armor) Increase HP by 6% or 10 (whichever is greater).
C. (Heavy armor) Increase HP by 15% and decrease speed by 10% (round down below.5, up if above .5). Minimum speed decrease is 2.

Upgrade DR
A. Increase DR by 3 (15% Total Suit Cost)
B. Phase Shift (21% Total Suit Cost) Reduce DR by 1/3 rounding down. Phase shift triples DR for 3 hits, times the number of levels in phase shift. It will also decrease by 1 every 2 turns active. Activating phase shift is a free action on your turn, but you cannot activate it, make a maneuver, and then immediately deactivate it.
C. Anti-beam coating (18% Total Suit Cost) Reduce the damage of beam weapons by half. Reduce effectiveness of anti-beam coating by half after third hit in current battle. (Example – 3rd hit in battle from a beam rifle doing 60 damage will only do 30, on the fourth hit the damage will be 45, will be at full damage). Number of hits before decrease in effectiveness can be increased by 2 for every level.

Upgrade Move (15% Total Suit Cost)
A. (Tuning) Increase speed by 1 or 10% (rounding up), whichever is higher.
B. (weight reduction) Increase speed by 2 or 15% (rounding up), whichever is higher. Decrease HP by 8%, or 10hp, whichever is higher.
C. (Near Ground Effect) Increase speed by 1 or 15%, whichever is higher. Mobile Suit is unstable when turning if moving over half of its possible hexes. Make a piloting check -1 for every 2 hexes over half. If piloting check fails, turn does not occur and the mobile suit will continue forward for the maximum number of moves. If the player was making a move by attack, they can still attempt it so long as they are in range.
D. (Flight) Mobile suit can fly using boost points. Range of flight is same as movement, but ignores obstacles or rough terrain. Cost to fly is 1 boost per turn. Add an additional turn of flight per boost point for every level in flight.

Upgrade boost (10% Total Suit Cost)
A. (boost capability) Initial capability of 3 boosts points.
B. (increased Capacity) Increase boost capacity by 2

Integrated Weapon (20% of the Suit’s Cost or 50% of weapon’s cost, whichever is higher)
A. Integrate a weapon into the frame of a mobile suit. The weapon must be approved by the GM. Reduce DR by 3 and HP by 10. Weapon to be integrated is required before this can be purchased.

Mobile Suit Upgrades

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