Passive Maneuvers

These are custom maneuvers added as house rules. These can only be taken during the enemies attack. They must be declared when the attack is. The dodge, block, or parry is rolled first, as even if the enemy misses the attack the passive maneuver is made. A maneuver can only be made if it does not conflict with the actions taken during the characters attack. i.e. they cannot or block if they have already used that arm, and they can’t dodge if they already moved.

The default for Parry and Dodge are 9, unless otherwise stated. Block depends on the character’s skill. For the passive Maneuver, perform at -2.

Block – a block is done with a Shield or can be attempted with a players arms. A successful block grants a no bonus

Parry – a Parry is done with a melee weapon, or can be attempted unarmed if the character has the appropriate skill. A successful parry grants no bonus

Dodge – A success means you dodge means you must roll 1d6 to determine the direction you roll. 1 is directly ahead, and the number progress in a clockwise fashion. You move the maximum movement in the direction you rolled.

Passive Maneuvers

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