Weapon Upgrades

Ranged Weapon Upgrade (cost 20% of weapon value unless otherwise stated)

Long Range Sight – Increases gun acc by 3. Only works on hand held weapons, does not work with gunslinger)

Gun Camera (cost 15%) – Increase gun acc by 1, Does work with Gunslinger

Long Barrel – Increase Range by 10% or 2, whichever is more. Increase Weight by 10% or 2, whichever is more. Increase bulk by -2. Increase damage by 5% rounding up

Short Barrel – Decrease Range by 10% or 2, whichever is more. Decrease Weight by 10% or 2, whichever is more. Decrease bulk by +2. Decrease damage by 5% rounding down

Magnetic Coating – Increase damage for weapon by 10%, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Dual Mags – Allows for a fast reload attempt if successful rolling 11 or under. Only works on magazine fed weapons

Extended mag – Increase magazine capacity by 50%

Underslung weapon (Cost 15%) – allows a suitable weapon to be attached under the main weapon. Note, the weapon to be attached must already be owned. (Example of suitable weapons, grenade launcher or beam saber under a rifle. If you have an idea that might not be suitable, you must convince the GM that it would work.)

Gauss Rifle Mod (Cost 50%)
This can only be done once, and it can only be done to regular ballistic weapons. It cannot be done on linear, rail, or beam guns. Double the base damage of the weapon and increase range by 25% rounding up. Weapon weighs 33% more rounding up. Bulk is increased by -1. May require 2 hands to control depending on the weapon. In the case of rocket/missile launchers switch the range and damage modifiers (double range, increase damage by 25%).

Beam Charge Attack: A beam or other energy weapon can be overcharged for increased damage. Increase rolled damaged by 20% for every turn charged. Every turn spent charging roll 3D6. On the first turn any roll under 17 is a success. For every subsequent turn reduce the roll under by -3 ie. Turn 2 is under 14, Turn 3 is under 11, and so on. Failing a check means the weapon is over heated for the number of turns it has been charged. If it is a critical failure charged for 3 or less turns, the weapon is damaged and cannot be used until repaired. If it is a critical failure above 3 turns, the weapon explodes for half the weapons damage, plus the overcharge increase.

Combine Weapons (Cost 15% per weapon). Effect varies depending on weapons used. Talk with GM for desired effect. Combining weapon will draw ammo/energy from both weapons. An example would be combing two smaller beam guns. The combined power would be less than the max of both combined, but higher than either individually

Melee Weapon Upgrade (20% total weapon value unless otherwise stated)

Variable Beam length
Increase or decrease the weapons length. Increase range up to a max of 3 hexes, halving the weapons damage forever hex increased. (i.e. – a standard beam sabers’ max length is 3 hexes, and is only doing 25% of its rolled damage). Length of blade can be reduced to 1/3. Reduce parry capability by 1 per reduction, and increase damage by 25%. (Example: max reduction is to a dagger’s length and will do about 50% more damage than the roll.) Also note that if the length of the blade can change the classification of the blade, and the character may not have the skill to use it.

Improved Confinement
Beam melee weapons do 1D6 or 12% extra damage (rounding up), whichever is greater.

High Heat
Non beam melee weapons now either have increased heat output, or have heat capabilities. Increase damage by 1D6 or 12% extra damage (rounding up), whichever is greater.

Melee Weapon is more balanced. They can now be considered a throwing weapon as well as having + 1 to parry and block (if applicable), plus a character can attempt to quick draw this weapon at 9 or under even if they don’t have the skill (If the player already has quick draw for this weapon, then they get +1). Additional levels in this give an additional +1 to parry and block, plus a + 1 to quick draw.

Shield Upgrades (varies)

Re-enforced Armor (cost: 15% of shield value)
Increase DR of shield by 1 and HP of shield by 20% (round up) or 15hp, whichever is more.

Anti-beam coating (Cost: 20% of shield value)
Reduce the damage of beam weapons by half. Reduce effectiveness of anti-beam coating by half after third hit in current battle. (Example – 3rd hit in battle from a beam rifle doing 60 damage will only do 30, on the fourth hit the damage will be 45, 5th hit will be full damage). Number of hits before decrease in effectiveness can be increased by 2 for every level.

Better Balanced (Cost 12% initial, 20% each additional level)
Shield is now better balanced. +1 to block and parry with Shield. (Parrying with shield will reduce damage taken to shield by 75%).

Shield Hard point Mount (15% value of weapon to be mounted or 10% value of the shield, whichever is greater.)
A hard point is added to the shield wherever the player wishes for a weapon to be attached. The weapon must first be approved by the GM.

Weapon Upgrades

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